Joel Bird friendly water colours from travels around the UK, Europe and USA.

It is hard sometimes, perhaps surprisingly, when you are an artist to find the time to take part in drawing and painting and I find travelling is good for this. I know a lot of painters that call themselves painters but they do not paint. They are artists, but to be a true painter is different, you must work.

A lot of art today is more conceptual, this is important sometimes to express complex ideas, but I think this has meant some artists are more concerned with seeing with their intellect and this is not always right for the painter. The painter must learn to see, this is their job, I am still learning to see, it becomes a way of life, almost like a religion, a vision of the world that you take with you always, you are trying to understand what is in your heart, not your intellect, sometimes you are unlearning the world that has been taught to you.
When I work out side, painting from life, and I look at nature, it feels as though I am with my teacher, I start to see the beauty in things that wasn’t there before, and this makes life a better place.
Sometimes I sketch from different times or view points and put them in the same work, sometimes I ignore the perspective created by my view point. How we perceive images in specific moments in time and the perspective we see them from are not pictures of reality, it is a perspective. I try to draw what is important, this means involving the artists’ heart and this I think is a more accurate picture of a time and place. When we look at photographs we associate different experiences to that image, we all have different memories and we see with our memories, we all see things differently.

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Art as representational aesthetics. The forms of nature and the language of humankind.

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