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MUSIC & BOOKS Other commericial artwork I have been involved in has been book illustration and CD design. It issometimes nice to do artistic work for a specifc purpose, giving imagination boundaries can bring a different creativity to the surface and in this way the artist learns something about their art. The book Illustration was a series of paintings for a book called Eto the Spaceman. The book is a modern philosophical sage aimed at both children and adults. I wanted to express interconnection through simple images. The CD design has included my own album release 'where the crows sleep' (see Joel Bird Music)other album cover designs include Jubjub ep releases bigmouth and plastic world.

Joel Bird Art hangs in private and public collections across America, Europe & Japan. There are far too many comissions to show, but to view or buy High Quality Digital Prints of some Joel Bird's private comission work go to JOEL BIRD ETSY SHOP> or you can of course comission your own work by contacting me:


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