Landscape & peoples’ interaction with their environment from US and British travels.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE May 3rd-June 13th 2010
The Bird House Gallery, 99-101 Lark Lane, Liverpool.

March 12th - April 6th 2010
Tyme Gallery, Havertown. Philadelphia, USA

Rather than creating a framework based on reconciling the tensions between humans and the natural world, with this exhibit i wanted to focus more on harmony and our inclusion.

The work is a logical continuation of how I view nature and beauty, its influence begins at Art Nouveau and the work of the members of the Wiener Werkstätte, in that the composition of form suggests movement and life.

'Pennsylvania has some magical countryside and I find Pennsylvanians in general have a wonderfully healthy attitude towards the outdoors, as do the British and humans generally, when people spend time in the environment they grow, they achieve a level of peace actually, we mustn't forget this.'

Alot of the work on show at both these exhibitions began their lives on location. It is important to be a part of the environment you are painting, as humans we want to be 'in the world', not separated from it. Working in the field like this, gets you closer to the subject. I sketch individual elements, it helps me understand what is happening, nature is interconnected and I want to express this.

Nature changes so fast, I try to capture the moment, that is in essence all we can capture, and as people this is all we ever really possess, the fleeting moment of time. Conversly natures transience is rooted in eternity. I think you feel both elements simultaneously sketching outdoors.I will often finish the work in a studio, I want my paintings to ‘grow’ in a slow, vegetative manner. In this way time becomes a part of them, like slow grown wood or evolution, they are stronger creative pieces.’

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Art as representational aesthetics. The forms of nature and the language of humankind.

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