The forgotten world of functioning beauty.

April 6th - 12th 2009.
The Coach House Gallery, Calderstones Park, Liverpool

CHIMNEYS are unknowingly beautiful and supremely functional; this marriage of function and form is very appealing to me, a world which has been neglected but which I hope will return. The accomplished artist understands and is sympathetic to this relationship even if the piece is not directly associated with it. With my photography so far, I enjoy making a study of a particular subject over some time. My love of chimney’s started from watching birds on roofs whilst doing loft conversions when I first moved to London. I would take pictures of birds and find myself looking at the brickwork in the chimneys. They are just one of those things in life people never really notice properly, and this is everything to do with art.

ALLOTMENTS are structure from chaos; each thing in an allotment has its own currency separate from the outside world. An old broken window is used to produce a greater crop; I find the reality of this more functional and satisfying than modern living.
Allotments should be one of Britain’s great symbols, they have been forgotten about in our recent history but thankfully interest in them seems to 'sprouting' once more. I have one in Tottenham, London, the work involved feels honest and I find being in this environment inspires me. I think it was Magritte who used to sit with the Artichokes for a time each day. This makes sense to me, not only is the presence of vegetation important for drawing lines, but witnessing natures work ethic helps awaken it in ourselves.


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Art as representational aesthetics. The forms of nature and the language of humankind.

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